How do I book an event? When should I book an event?  Events can be booked by emailing me or filling out the consultation form. It’s best to book an event as soon as you can. Not sure if your proposed event date is open? Feel free to contact me!


What’s the process?  Start by filling out the consultation form. This helps me get some information about your event and what you are envisioning. A 1-on-1 consultation will be set up to go over the details of your event, which includes designing a master plan for your event, including budget development, vendor selection, and supervision, and then overseeing your entire event.  Once the initial consultation has taken place, you will be updated on progress up until the day of the event. My goal is to ensure you are always in the loop, feeling heard, and feeling confident in the proceedings.


Do you charge for an initial consultation?  No, my initial consultation is complementary. I like to take this time to get to know you and ensure that I’m the best fit for your needs. I want to make sure that you feel comfortable trusting me to tend to the details of your event!


Do you charge a flat rate for your services or a percentage based on budget?  I charge a flat rate for my services. It is my belief that you shouldn’t have to pay more for my services simply because you have a larger budget. If you decide to work with me and wish to add additional services, those additional services are either priced a la carte by service or I have the option of a set hourly rate.


Decor is very important to my event. Can you help design and create the “look” that I want?  Absolutely! Having the right decor changes the entire look and feel of your event. I will help you create the ideas and concepts that will enhance and accentuate your event.


Can you design the invite too?  Absolutely! The advantage is to make sure the theme is cohesive throughout, from the invitation design to the event.


How do you determine which vendors to recommend to each of your clients?  I tailor all vendor referrals to fit the specific client — based on their style, personality, and budget. After meeting with you and getting to know more about you and your event, I send you vendor referrals that are selected especially for YOU!


Can you give an estimate of cost?  Each event is customized and tailored to your specifications! After the initial consultation, I have a good idea of the estimated cost of your event.