“I have had the pleasure to see Sarah Combs’ creative mind in action for multiple events, and I have been impressed every time with the results. From developing the big picture for how a layout should be at the event to the extra attention she gives to details, Sarah’s skills and absolute talent have been remarkable and truly invaluable. She has a vision and is relentless in her artistic ability to take any theme and make it extraordinary. Plus, it’s obvious that she’s passionate about what she does, which makes it a fun experience to work with her. Give her a general idea for a party theme, and she’ll give you an extravagantly decorated event space that you can’t take enough pictures into capture!”

Client – Gabrielle W.



“Sarah did an excellent job on my baby shower! Her attention to detail, color, and beautiful decorations blew everyone away. Everything tasted delicious–especially the custom cake she designed and special ordered. The event was so special and unique. I’ve never had a shower quite like it! I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. She goes above and beyond to make your event one of a kind”

Client – Jenny S.



“Sarah is the ultimate hostess. She truly has an eye for design and a gift for flair, and her graphic design background allows her to create one-of-a-kind custom decor you won’t find anywhere else. Not only does she know how to throw a good party, but she goes above and beyond to carefully cultivate each detail and make every event extremely special and unique. Instead of being stressed, let Sarah do what she does best: personalize an occasion that will have your guests saying “wow” and you remembering it for years to come as a magical day!”

Client  – Lauryn H.


Photo by AE Photography